About Us

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At Plantae, we love plants! Our goal is to share this love of plants by making them accessible to everyone. Caring for plants is extremely pleasant, rewarding and good for the soul. We hope to achieve our goal by making our plants as affordable and as easy to manage as possible.

Our interest in plants first came from our relatives in Spain. But over time, it evolved into a true passion for horticulture, garden design and all things plant related.

We aptly named ourselves Plantae, the Latin for plants, paying homage to both the tradition of Latin plant naming as well as our own Latin roots!

Lastly, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our practices. We use recycled or recyclable packaging, with the aim of reducing plastic waste. You can read more about our packaging method here. We are always trying to improve and welcome new ideas. 

We hope you enjoy our plants and plant related items as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Stay planty!