Our Packaging

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Being in the plant business, it is very hard to reduce plastic waste as most suppliers use plastic pots and wrapping to transport their plants.

At Plantae, we have done our best to ensure our packaging minimises plastic waste. We use as many reused, recycled and eco-friendly packaging materials as possible.

We package your items in different ways depending on your shipping choice:

Orders for collection at one of our partner cafes:

Plants and other items are wrapped in recycled brown Kraft paper which is held together by a sticker made of FSC-certified paper and printed with soy-based inks.

Packaging for collection

We also produce recycled stiff board plant ID tags, which can be pressed into the soil of your plant. We then laminate these tags to ensure they do not decompose in your plant pot. You can still recycle this tag, but we hope you keep it as it can help you ID your plants!

Once wrapped, the items are then placed in a recycled paper brown bag stamped with a soy-based ink, which leaves no petroleum behind.

Nationwide orders:

We first start with the box. We attempt to acquire reused boxes from our suppliers or partner cafes to reduce waste, even if they carry bizarre logos. Only if this fails do we use custom boxes.

Packaging for nationwide delivery

We then secure your items with recycled Kraft paper, acid-free tissue paper, and biodegradable acid-free, non-glossy, recycled paper tape printed with soy-based ink and water-activated adhesive.

We use paper tape to close the box shut, and unfortunately we do use regular clear tape to secure the address tag as we have not yet found a sustainable alternative for this.

We take the utmost care when we package orders to be shipped nationwide, and we can guarantee that your plants, pots and other items are well protected and will arrive safely and in one piece!

We are always on the lookout for more sustainable packaging materials. If you have any feedback or ideas to improve our packaging methods feel free to contact us.