Plant Installations & Interior Landscaping

Plants set the ambiance of a space, and add a sense of calm, health and nurture to a room. Plant life has the power of reducing noise pollution, creating privacy and making people feel welcome, comfortable and at ease.

With those ideas in mind, we provide creative indoor plant installations and greenery solutions for offices, restaurants, hotels, shops and private homes.

We strive to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing and long lasting plant installations to bring life into your place of business or home.

Sustainability and longevity are at the core of our designs. We'll always choose the most appropriate plants to suit any given location and therefore provide a beautiful and healthy display that will last for years to come.

The Process

We'll come to your establishment or home to discuss your needs, take measurements and understand the unique light & environment requirements. We can also work in collaboration with interior designers or architects if required.

We'll provide a design proposal for you to approve alongside an estimated quote. This process will incurr a small fee, which will be deducted from the total due if the project goes ahead.

Once we have mutually agreed on a design, we'll finalise the quote and put your order through with our suppliers.

We'll come back to your site to receive the plants upon delivery day to ensure the installation goes smoothly.

We can also provide additional maintenance services to sites within Dublin City if requested.

We work mainly within the Dublin area, but if your establishment is outside of Dublin County, don't worry! We can still work together. You can provide us with measurements and images of your establishment, or take us on a tour virtual tour.

For inquiries about our services please contact us.