Air plant Tillandsia Xerographica

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Tillandsia Xerographica is an air plant that features sturdy, long, silvery, curly leaves. As their name implies, air plants draw moisture from the air around them and do not take root in soil, and therefore require very little maintenance. They look fantastic displayed in glass jars and terrariums or mounted on a nice piece of wood. 

Size: 12cm in diametre

Origin: Southern Mexico and Central America


Light: Bright indirect light

Humidity: Moderate

Temperature: 16-26ºC

Watering: Give it a thorough drink every couple of weeks by soaking it completely in lukewarm water. You can leave it to soak up the water for 5 or 10 minutes. Leave them upside down to dry slightly for 5 minutes, so that no water pools in the nooks and crannies of the plant. 

Feeding: You can feed Air plants by adding water-soluble fertilizer for epiphytes, bromeliads or air plants to the water you soak them in, although feeding them isn't strictly necessary.

Soil: Air plants do not take root in soil, and therefore do not need to be potted up.

Troubleshooting: Wrinkly leaves may be an indication that the plant needs water.

Tip: This plant is safe around pets and children. Keep away from drafts or radiators.