Alocasia 'Pink Dragon'

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Pink stems, dark green leaves with cream veins and copper undersides make of this Alocasia a truly beautiful and unique, jurassic looking plant!

Size: 14cm pot


Light: Indirect light, dappled light

Humidity: Moderate - high

Temperature: 15-25ºC

Watering: Allow the top 2-3 cm of the compost to dry between waterings when the plant is actively growing, usually from spring through autumn. Reduce watering frequency in winter when light levels are lower.

Feeding: Use half the recommended dose of a balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks from spring through autumn.

Soil: Equal parts of a soil-based compost, perlite and bark or coconut coir.

Troubleshooting: Alocasias are tropical plants and as such love humidity. You can help raise humidity levels around the plant with a humidifier or placing several plants close together. Browning or yellowing leaves can be a sign of overwatering.

Tip: This plant can be toxic if ingested, so we advise to keep it away from pets and children. Direct sunlight can leave sunburn marks on the leaves. The roots of Alocasias like it snug, so when repotting choose a pot that just about fits the root ball. The cultivated variety Regal Shields can grow quite tall, making it a great patio plant or statement plant.

Did you know? Like many other plants, Alocasias will eventually shed their oldest leaves. In Alocasias, the oldest leaves are found at the base of the plant. It is completely normal that these leaves turn brown and die. As long as the new growth is doing well, there is no reason to be concerned!