Anthurium andraeanum

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Anthurium andraeanum or the flamingo flower is a star houseplant. Its dramatic dark green leaves and elegant, colorful flowers make of it a must have in any household or office. They are easy going plants that bring colour and elegance to any spot.

Size: 12 cm diameter x 40cm height


Light: Bright indirect light

Humidity: Moderate

Temperature: 16-24ºC

Watering: Allow the top 2-3 cm of the compost to dry between waterings when the plant is actively growing, usually from spring through autumn. Reduce watering frequency in winter when light levels are lower.

Feeding: Use half the recommended dose of a high potash liquid fertilizer every 6 weeks from spring through summer.

Soil: A mix of coco coir. sphagnum moss, perlite and orchid bark or any other well draining houseplant compost mix.

Troubleshooting: Low light levels will slow the rate of flower production or produce smaller flowers..

Tip: You can remove flower stems when spent by cutting them at the base. This plant can be toxic if ingested, so we advise to keep it away from pets and children. Direct sunlight can leave sunburn marks on the leaves. Keep it away from drafts.

Did you know? Anthurium andraeum can flower year round. The tiny blooms of Anthurium andraeum are found on the spike. The waxy, colorful petal is actually a protective sheath called spathe which attracts pollinating insects. This plant is epiphytic and may produce aerial roots which would benefit from being misted from time to time.