Aspidistra elatior

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Commonly known as the cast iron plant, this is the easiest and most versatile plant you'll ever own. Apidistra feature elegant, dark green foliage perfect to add a touch of class to any room. They're easy to care for and can widthstand some medium light conditions.

Size: 13cm pot x 50cm height


Light: Indirect light, medium light

Humidity: Low

Temperature: 15-24ºC

Watering: Allow the top 2-3 cm of the compost to dry between waterings when the plant is actively growing, usually from spring through autumn. Reduce watering frequency in winter if light levels are lower.

Feeding: Use half the recommended dose of a balanced liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks spring through autumn, or whenever you can see active growth.

Soil: Multipurpose compost mixed with perlite and orchid bark.

Tip: This plant is safe for pets and children. The roots of Aspidistra like it snug, so when repotting choose a pot that just about fits the root ball.

Did you know? Cast iron plants were popular in Victorian times as they could withstand fumes from coal fires and gas lamps and could cope with gloomy conditions!