Hoya kerrii Leaf

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This is a single leaf from the plant Hoya kerrii. These leaves are usually sold individually with decorative purposes or as gifts. The leaf still has roots and should be watered like a normal houseplant. However, it will most likely not grow into a full plant. It will rather stay this size unless the leaf also contains a stem with a node under the soil. Even if the plant doesn't grow, it is still a nice little addition to a table top or shelf!

Size: 7cm diameter

Origin: Eastern Asia or Australia


Light: Bright indirect light

Humidity: Moderate

Temperature: 16-25ºC

Watering: Allow the top 2-3cm of the compost to dry between waterings year round.

Soil: Equal parts of orchid compost, multipurpose compost and perlite.

Tip: This plant is safe around pets and children. Keep away from direct light and radiators.