Hoya linearis

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Hoya linearis is an unusual and delicate hoya variety. It produces thin, stick-like leaves which hang off of even thinner stems. The green colour of this hoya offers a soft contrast to the white flower clusters that appear in late summer.

Size: 14cm diameter


Light: Filtered sun, bright indirect light

Humidity: Moderate

Temperature: 15-25ºC

Watering: Allow the top 2-3 cm of the compost to dry between waterings when the plant is actively growing, usually from spring through autumn. Reduce watering frequency in winter when light levels are lower.

Feeding: Use half the recommended dose of a balanced liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks spring through autumn.

Soil: Equal parts of cacti soil, orchid bark, and perlite. Hoya linearis needs well-draining, fertile compost.

Tip: This plant can be toxic if ingested, so we advise to keep it away from pets and children. Direct sunlight can leave sunburn marks on the leaves. Keep it away from drafts. Make sure the top of the plant also gets light, otherwise the plant will go "bald".